13 Diabetes Tips to Improve Blood Sugar Control


How to Take Control Now Healthy blood glucose (or blood sugar) control includes steps like following a balanced meal plan, engaging in an active lifestyle with sufficient physical activity, and taking blood glucose-lowering medications as you need them over the years. You might also need other medications to control your blood pressure and lipids (cholesterol). […]

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Indian Medicine System


Unani Unani History Herbal Therapeutics Herbal Therapeutics Principles Unani Formulary Unani Principles Diagnosis in Unani Unani Doctrine of Naturals Six Factors of Health Unani Therapies Balneology Cupping Therapy Unani Dietetics Naturopathy Naturopathy Concept Naturopathy History Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathy Principles Naturopathic Treatment Color Therapy Magnet Therapy Massage Therapy Mud Therapy Sleep Therapy Water Therapy Homeopathy Homeopathic […]

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Honey Body Scrub

Honey Body Scrub Ingredients •  1 tbsp of Jojoba Oil •  ¾ cup of Honey •  1 tbsp of Vanilla or Orange Oil (or any oil of your choice) •  1 cup of Sugar •  1 cup of Sea Salt or Kosher Salt Preparation •  Mix together the dry ingredients first and then add oil […]

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Lemon Salt Glow

Lemon Salt Glow Ingredients •  ½ tsp Lemon Zest (Finely Grated) •  ½ cup Sea Salt •  ½ cup sweet Almond Oil Preparation •  Combine together all the ingredients, making sure the ingredients don’t come in contact with water to avoid the salt from getting dissolved. •  Store the mixture in an air tight container […]

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Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub Ingredients •  ½ cup turbinado Raw Sugar •  3 tbsp Olive Oil •  2 cups of coarse ground Coffee Preparation •  Mix together all the ingredients in a medium size bowl. •  Take a warm shower or bath to open your pores and let your skin get hydrated. •  Once out of […]

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Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub


Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub Ingredients •  ½ cup liquid Coconut Oil •  3 tbsp unsweetened Dark Cocoa powder •  1 cup of coarse Brown Sugar •  ½ tsp pure Coconut extract •  1 tsp pure Vanilla Extract Preparation Mix together oil, extracts and sugar. You can alter the quantity depending upon the required consistency. Now […]

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Almond Anti-Cellulite Scrub

Almond Anti-Cellulite Scrub Ingredients • ½ cup Sea Salt • ¼ tsp pure Almond extract (For Fragrance) • ½ cup of Coffee grounds • ½ cup coarse Brown Sugar • ½ cup sweet Almond Oil Preparation • Take a glass bowl and mix together all the ingredients. You can add more oil, salt or sugar […]

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What Your Words Say About You

People often have a high level of respect for those who know more than what they know. A patient with a toothache may have a doctor tell him that the complication indicates a problem with his heart, even he doesn’t know how the two are related. The patient assumes that the doctor knows what he […]

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